What is Morning Star Club?
We are creating a huge collection of bukkake scenes produced in Japan, the birthplace of bukkake itself. We cut out the crap and give you strictly bukkake in every form. We have the hottest Japanese porn stars getting blasted with thick facial bukkake and we have the most extreme bukkake fetish scenes produced in Japan. If you love to see Japanese maidens covered with massive amounts of cum then you came to the right place!

Ai Sayama in Reporter Massive Bukkake

Reporter Massive Bukkake

Ai Sayama

Scene encoded in 1080p HD, use full screen to view.
Ai Sayama reports on sucking dicks and then getting a massive bukkake facial.
Ria Horisaki in Race Queen Blowjob Molestation

Race Queen Blowjob Molestation

Ria Horisaki

Race queen Ria Horisaki gets molested by a group of photographers. Surrounded by cocks she is made to suck them all until they all cover her face with the thickest bukkake facial.
Anri Mizuna in Cum Bukkake Drenching

Cum Bukkake Drenching

Anri Mizuna

Anri Mizuna gets the bukkake works in this scene. It opens with her pussy getting played with, then four guys mash their dicks all into her face until she gives them blowjobs. Then she is fucked while her tits are covered with cum. After they are completely drenched in cum she is sat up and receives a thick bukkake facial. Midway through she masturbates with a vibrator while she gets even more cum on her face. When it's all finished she is sitting in a pool of cum on the floor and she rubs the cum into her tits and her face.
Rui Shiraishi in Bukkake Princess

Bukkake Princess

Rui Shiraishi

Rui Shiraishi shows off her silver bikini in front of a group of guys waiting to cover her in semen. She picks one guy out and blows him then gives a group blowjob as a bunch of guys swarm around her. She tosses one guys salad then she gets fingered and fucked. After she's all loosened up, she sits on the floor and receives a massive bukkake facial. There's so much cum dripping down her face that her tits get just as thickly covered as her face. She gets face fucked and rubbed by one more guy at the end.
Sumomo Yoshimura in Schoolgirl Basement Bukkake

Schoolgirl Basement Bukkake

Sumomo Yoshimura

Sumomo Yoshimura in Office Girl Glasses Bukkake

Office Girl Glasses Bukkake

Sumomo Yoshimura

Sumomo Yoshimura in Lick and Bukkake

Lick and Bukkake

Sumomo Yoshimura

Nana Ogura in Convenience Store Bukkake

Convenience Store Bukkake

Nana Ogura

Ichika Kuroki in Sex and Gokkun Bukkake

Sex and Gokkun Bukkake

Ichika Kuroki

Ichika Kuroki in Caged Cosplay Gokkun

Caged Cosplay Gokkun

Ichika Kuroki

Ichika Kuroki in Outdoor Blowjob and Gokkun

Outdoor Blowjob and Gokkun

Ichika Kuroki

Ichika Kuroki in Housewife Food Cum Eating

Housewife Food Cum Eating

Ichika Kuroki

Ichika Kuroki in Gokkun and Bukkake Fuck

Gokkun and Bukkake Fuck

Ichika Kuroki

Ichika Kuroki in Blowjob Gokkun

Blowjob Gokkun

Ichika Kuroki

Ichika Kuroki in Maid Gokkun

Maid Gokkun

Ichika Kuroki

Ichika Kuroki in Schoolgirl Blowjob Gokkun

Schoolgirl Blowjob Gokkun

Ichika Kuroki

Moe Yamazaki in Bukkake Fuck

Bukkake Fuck

Moe Yamazaki

Moe Yamazaki in Titty Fuck and Bukkake

Titty Fuck and Bukkake

Moe Yamazaki

Moe Yamazaki in Masturbation Mouth Cum

Masturbation Mouth Cum

Moe Yamazaki

Moe Yamazaki in Maid Fuck Bukkake

Maid Fuck Bukkake

Moe Yamazaki

Moe Yamazaki in Food Bukkake

Food Bukkake

Moe Yamazaki

Moe Yamazaki in Blowjob and Bukkake

Blowjob and Bukkake

Moe Yamazaki

Rina Itou in Bukkake Sex

Bukkake Sex

Rina Itou

Rina Itou in Mouth Cum Swallow

Mouth Cum Swallow

Rina Itou